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Our Wessex family of schools

The Nest

Welcome to The Nest

If students are worried, concerned or having difficulties then they can visit the Nest to talk to one of our staff. The Nest team are available to support all our students whatever the issue may be.

You will find below information about some of the areas the Nest supports.

  • Behaviour – We believe that all students have the right to an education. This right, however, is also a responsibility and every student must play their part in working together to help create the best possible learning conditions, both inside and outside of the classroom.

We work collaboratively with our students, parents, carers, staff and Governors to create a strong school ethos which enables all students to thrive and achieve their potential.

We have a graduated approach to supporting pupils who find managing the school environment difficult and Personal Inclusion Plans (PIPs) to help identify and remove barriers to learning.

Contact the Nest:

Mrs R Stevens
Pastoral Lead
Mrs C Smith
Deputy Pastoral Lead
David Hopwood
Wellbeing Lead.
Picture of DHN1 Drew Hamilton Mrs D Hamilton
Senior Pastoral Learning Mentor
Mrs M Coronilla

Senior Pastoral Learning Mentor

Mrs J Robertson
Wellbeing Learning Mentor