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Exams and Revision

Exam Information and Policies

Examinations are a critical time for all children. As parents, you have a key role in ensuring that they are well organised and prepared. Please be aware of the following key information and policies.

Examinations 2023-24

  • November exams: 11.23 to 15.11.23
  • January exams: 01.24 to 17.01.24
  • Summer exams: 05.24 to 26.06.24*
  • Results days: GCE 15.08.24; GCSE 22.08.24
  • Certificates: available in December from reception

Contingency Day

The exam boards have designated 06.06.24, 13.06.24 and 26.06.24 as a contingency days. All candidates sitting exams should be available up to and including this day in case of significant disruption to the exam schedule and the need to reschedule an exam.


Contact us

Please contact Ms P Stephens, our Exams Officer (


As a parent, please encourage and support your child get into a regular study routine at home. We recommend that our pupils’ study around one hour every day to prepare for their exams.

To help your child reach their potential in their GCSEs, we have created a GCSE Revision and Independent Study booklet. In this booklet, each subject area has put together summary of what your child could do to support their own revision.

Information includes:

  • How pupils are assessed in each subject
  • What revision activities your child must be completing each week to prepare for their exams
  • What extra revision activities your child could be completing each week to prepare for their exams
  • How pupils can get help and support

Each subject area has also created videos to support your child prepare for examinations in each subject. These can be found here:

Trial examinations

Trial exams are really important for both students and teachers. They will identify strengths and areas to develop, which will be used to plan future lessons and interventions, to support your child to fulfil their potential in their GCSE and A Level exams.

Our next trial exams are for Years 10 and 12 and due to take place between 18th June and 9th July. A copy of the examination timetable for this period can be found here: Year 10 and 12 Trial exam timetable June July 2024

Post-Results Services

Candidates requesting a Review of Results, or copy of their exam script need to provide written consent and full payment before requests can be processed. If a review of results is requested, then it is possible for marks to be lowered, remain the same or increase. This can lead to a lower overall grade, or the same grade or a higher grade.

Any enquiries about results for internal candidates have to be made to the exam board through the school.

Before any enquiry can be made, the candidate:

  • has to seek agreement from the school that this is an appropriate action
  • needs to sign a consent form
  • pay the appropriate cost

The deadlines for Post-Results services are:

  • Priority GCE (only where a university place is at risk): 08.23 (9am)
  • Priority GCSE: 09.23
  • Non-priority: 09.23

The costs and consent form can be found here.

Requests, consent, and payment need to be with Ms P Stephens ( before the school deadlines. Cheques made payable to Wessex Multi Academy Trust.

Resit examinations

It will be at the discretion of the Headteacher as to whether candidates will be able to resit exams at the Purbeck School. Please read the information regarding resit exams below. Students wishing to return to The Purbeck School to resit an exam must inform the exams officer in writing, within the stated deadlines. All costs incurred, including exam fees, administration fees, invigilation costs and any costs incurred due to access requirements are to be paid in advance by the candidate.

Special consideration

If a student is taken ill before an examination, suffer bereavement or other trauma, be taken ill during the examination itself or otherwise disadvantaged or disturbed during an examination, then it is the student/parent/carer’s responsibility to alert the school, the Examinations Office, or the examination invigilator, to that effect.

The student must support any special consideration claim with appropriate evidence within three days of the examination, e.g. a letter from the student’s doctor.

The Examinations Officer will then forward a completed special consideration form to the relevant awarding body within seven days of the examination.

If an unforeseen event affects the running of an exam, e.g. a prolonged fire alarm or unexpected interruption; this instance should be reported to the Headteacher. It is the responsibility of the Exams Officer to apply for special consideration to the relevant exam board, in such an eventuality.

Internal appeals

Please see the following documents regarding disclosure of NEA/coursework marks before submission and rights to appeal.

A charge of £60 will be made to cover the cost of an internal appeal. This will be refunded in full if an appeal is upheld.