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At The Purbeck School we want our children to feel happy, safe and secure and learn in a range of stimulating and exciting environments. Everyone matters at The Purbeck School. Together with you and your child we will aim high, aspire and be successful.

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End of Year House Point Standings - 21st July 2016

Top students  Joseph Daly (7xLSH) (454)  Rosie Jeavons (7xJLY) (417)  Holly Gate (7yKSN) (402)  Lillie Rose (8yBMN) ...READ MORE

Moodle server back online - 21st July 2016

The Moodle server is now back online.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ...READ MORE

Hertford College, Oxford University Summer School by Phoebe Hobbs - 19th July 2016

Last month, I was fortunate enough to attend a summer school at Hertford College, Oxford University. Having studied Haml ...READ MORE