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Our Wessex family of schools


The Library at The Purbeck School provides students and staff with a wide range of resources. It is used for individual study, research and leisure reading, as well as by those who need to work on the available computers.

The Library plays a key role in helping pupils develop a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure as well as learning. The majority of pupils use the library to borrow fiction resources, and these are constantly updated to reflect new trends in publishing. Non fiction resources support the academic curriculum, in both print and digital form. There are also newspapers, magazines and board games for pupils to use at break times.


Our online WebApp allows pupils to search for and reserve material, as well as giving regularly updated information regarding events in both the library and the book world. Sixth Formers can access a dedicated page that provides access to appropriate and relevant curriculum resources.

The Purbeck School Library

The library is open from 8.15 – 4.15 Monday – Thursday and 8.15 – 1.45 on Fridays.
Year 7-11 may borrow three books for two weeks at a time. Sixth Form may borrow up to six books, and all items can be renewed.