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Lights, camera, action: Purbeck!

Taught in large purpose-built state of the art studio spaces, Drama is a thriving and exciting subject.  Studios are flexible performance spaces where the only limits for performance are the bounds of the mind and imagination.  Our studios are fully equipped with professional lighting and sound equipment; media suites also offer students the opportunity to incorporate multimedia into their performance work.

Delivered by specialist teachers, it is our aim that all students will share Purbeck’s passion for performance.  Energy, challenge and creativity are at the heart of the subject.  Students work alongside their teachers developing confidence, performance skills and a whole host of invaluable communication and life skills, such as leadership and time management.  Drama helps every student to develop a range of life-long skills.


Many students select Drama at GCSE, enjoying the subject’s mixture of theory and practical work.  The focus at KS4 is on acquiring the skills required for production and performance.  Practical exploration of both scripted and devised work is a key element in understanding these skills and students learn how drama is created, including the acting and staging skills required to put a piece of drama on the stage.  Students explore themes, ideas and plays in a practical way and will be required to perform in a play or contribute a design element to a production such as lighting, costume or sound.  The written element of the work reflects on the practical work undertaken and students are also required to write an evaluation of a live performance.  Students are given the chance to attend at least one trip to experience live theatre and are encouraged to independently see more work to help them develop their interest and skills.

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