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Business Studies

Why Study Business Studies at The Purbeck School?

Our aim at The Purbeck School is for every Business Studies student to achieve excellence and experience the creativity, diversity and excitement that studying the subject can offer.

Bringing the world of business to life, using up to date, pertinent business examples both within and outside our lessons as well as capitalising on The Purbeck School’s business links to make all students’ learning relevant.

Studying Business Studies enables our students to recognise and unlock their entrepreneurial talent that lies within.

How is Business taught?

  • KS4 – Students are taught in mixed ability classes for five hours a fortnight.
  • KS5 – Students are taught nine hours a fortnight.

All students are taught by Mr P Dunn and Mr J Mead, both are Business Studies subject specialists

Rationale and ambition for The Purbeck School Business Studies


  • One of the aims of the Business curriculum is to bring the world of business to into the classroom. This is achieved using a variety of methods including: through the use of up-to-date business examples, offering sessions that are run by external organisations as well as talks delivered by local businesses. Finally, where appropriate trips are coordinated to enrich student studies.
  • We actively encourage the use of entrepreneurial skills where appropriate. These are developed through practical activities offered throughout the course as well as active participation and engagement with enterprise related activities offered throughout the year.  We extend this to Young Enterprise for KS5 and Tenner Challenge.
  • The Business curriculum develops literacy and numeracy through extended writing from the very outset. There is also a strong focus on application and analysis of statistics and data with the new GCSE specification.
  • The curriculum aims to prepare students for life beyond The Purbeck School through the development of skills such as: communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, research and investigation, decision making and presentation skills.
  • The curriculum has been designed to ensure rigour and challenge is achieved for all our Business Studies students.

Key concepts:

The concepts that The Purbeck School Business Studies curriculum aims to support student progression in are:

  • Understanding business concepts, terminology, the integrated nature of business activity and the impact of businesses on individuals and the wider society
  • Understanding of how to apply knowledge and understanding to contemporarybusiness issues and different business contexts, which may be familiar or even unfamiliar and the impact this may have on business decision making.
  • Understand how to draw upon evidence to make informedbusiness decisions and solve business problems.
  • Understand how to constructwell argued, well-evidenced and balanced arguments demonstrating a wealth and breadth of business knowledge.
  • To understand how to develop and apply quantitative and qualitative skills relevant to business.

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