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Our Wessex family of schools

The Purbeck School Duke of Edinburgh Team

The Purbecks on the 10th May

The 4 teams 'BadHDMI', 'The Holdernators', 'DofE Bandits', 'IBLGPLS' did excellently showing great resilience with the scorching temperatures and big hills! The teams started in the Purbeck Heaths, where one team saw an adder and another saw two eagles! All the students managed to walk 12km with their full bags to their campsite at East Creech. Students put up their tents themselves and proceeded to cook dinner on the trangias. There were many different types of pasta, with some unusual cooking methods. In the evening there were some lively games of man hunt, rugby and football and a few students made s'mores. There was a beautiful sunset and Miss Holden made all the students go to bed, causing them to miss the Aurora borealis!  In the morning there was some sloppy porridge and an early start, with students walking around 11km to their end point at Spyway.