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Our vision and ethos is that the Sixth Form provides guidance and direction to young adults, through a  superb academic curriculum supported by a rounded enrichment programme, creating successful individuals with confidence and charisma. We offer more than just academic support and we facilitate students to leave as global citizens, ready to make their positive mark on the world.

Timetabled enrichment sessions take place on a Wednesday period 5 and are run by experienced staff members in those areas. Enrichment is delivered to small groups on a half termly basis. Enrichment will always look to be as active as possible and students will find themselves, cooking, voting, playing sports, practising CPR and identifying scams in order to bring key messages to life!

VI Enrichment Offer 2023/24

You will pick any three from the following, but you must pick three.

Finance (3 sessions) and First Aid (3 sessions) with Mr Waterman and Mr Milne

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of personal finance with Mr Waterman, and gain essential first aid skills from Mrs Milne’s sessions.

Cooking on a Budget with Ms Taylor

In the not too distant future you are more than likely going to start buying and coking your own food – some may already be doing this.

Being able to plan and prepare food that is tasty and nutritious and affordable is such an important life skill. The aim of this enrichment is for it to be a fun practical session where you will make food that is easy to make and tasty as well as being low cost. You will be provided with a recipe booklet to take home that not only includes a great variety of recipes but some hints and tips to help you. You may be asked to bring in some additional ingredients to compliment the dishes we will make. Any dietary needs can be accommodated and this will be discussed in the first lesson.

EPQ with Miss Wetherall and Mrs Armstrong

EPQ is short for Extended Project Qualification. An EPQ is an independent research project  It  involves you independently researching a topic of interest which is not covered in your A Levels and writing an essay of 5000 words (that’s around 10 typed pages).

As the project evolves, you must complete a production log to record specific stages of the project and this also contributes to your project result. The third component of the project is an oral presentation.

Generally, the whole process from start to finish takes about 120 hours. It will require you to research your topic of interest out of the EPQ sessions.  You will be expected to attend each session where your supervisor will discuss your progress and guide you through the stages of the project.   It is the equivalent of half an A Level.

Art/Craft/DIY with Mr Clarke

Think of this enrichment as The Purbeck School crossed with DIY SOS and Gardeners’ World.

During our sessions you will experience the research, design and building elements used within a garden/interior design career.

We will moodboard, mind-map and sketch before beginning our renovation of the Art quad.

Our agenda is to create a space that can be used for both inspiration and relaxation and turn the concrete box into something much more colourful and full of wildlife. Hopefully you will pick up some transferable skills that will help with DIY projects at home or inspire you to look after your unloved corners of the garden and welcome wildlife in.

Music with Mr Foyle

Do you play an instrument or enjoy singing? If so, this is a perfect opportunity for you to utilise and develop your musical skills whilst having fun.

We will be forming a band (or bands), to rehearse together each week and develop your instrumental and ensemble skills. Once we have prepared some high-quality music then there will be opportunities for some/all of you to perform around the school or local community.

Develop crucial employability skills of creativity, teamwork, communication and problem solving. We will be open to suggestions about songs and styles you want to learn and perform together.

Arts and crafts with Miss Stewart

Do you fancy doing something fun? Do you want to do something creative? Do you want to spend Wednesday afternoons relaxing and taking a break from your academic work? If the answer is YES, then come and do something artistic or crafty.

What are the benefits to your mental health:

  • Provide relaxation.
  • Relief from stress.
  • A sense of accomplishment.
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety.
  • Enhance feelings of confidence.
  • Improve cognitive abilities.
  • Increase social skills and interactions

What sorts of things will we do?

  • Colour for mindfulness
  • Make cards for Christmas etc.
  • Pom-pom making
  • Cross-stitch
  • Origami

Boardgames with Mr Nicolaides

Do you like playing games? Would you like to compete against your peers… and win? Do you want to have fun on Wednesday afternoons?

If so, boardgames are for you.

How will you benefit from playing boardgames?

  • Increase your brain’s function.
  • Reduce stress and have a laugh.
  • Enhance creativity and self-confidence.
  • Improve social skills.
  • Learn how to think strategically, set goals and develop patience.

What will you learn?

  • Discover how to reduce reliance on luck, or chance; instead you will develop an adaptable, methodical strategic approach to playing games.

Games will include traditional and well-known ones such as Risk, Monopoly and Mastermind, as well as the introduction of contemporary ones such as Mind Genius.

Book Club with Mr Clay

Do you enjoy reading? Are you taking subjects that are not hitting that creative spot?

Book club might be for you. We aim to read weekly and discuss the books that we are enjoying in an informal atmosphere. We will either be reading a book together or just talking about our own current reading – it is very much the group’s decision. Either way, it is a very enjoyable and relaxing way to spend an hour escaping the stresses and strains of school work.

Please feel free to come and ask me any questions.

Primary teaching organised by Mr Holmes

Experienced gained by volunteering is highly-prized by future employers and higher education providers. This enrichment offer will see you helping to plan educational sessions in our partner primary schools including those in Wareham, Wool, Bovington, Swanage etc.

You may spend an afternoon reading 1:1 with students in Year 3 or 4, or co-leading a Maths or Science workshop for Years 5 and 6. Maybe we will even get to do potato printing!

If you are interested in working with young people in the future then this might be the enrichment option for you.

Sport with Mr Smith and Mr Tullett

Whether you are a sports fanatic, or just want to feel healthier, this is the enrichment for you! We will coach you in getting fitter with a multitude of team sports. By the end of the enrichment cycle you will hopefully be able to run continuously for 30mins or longer, and will feel fit and healthy.  You will also have had the opportunity to test yourself against not only your peers, but Mr Smith and Mr Tullett, in a variety of sports!

Remember, add three options in order of preference and we will do the rest ????