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House Captains

We’d like to introduce our House Captains who are part of our Student Leadership Team:



The transition into the Purbeck School Sixth Form was smooth and effortless. Having previously attended the Purbeck School, my transition was arguably easier than for some, however, I know those who did come from elsewhere didn’t find it too difficult. With the welcoming, accommodating staff, along with students who already knew their way around the school, I believe they had plenty of support around them. I’ve gathered this from several of my friends, who transferred to The Purbeck School for sixth form. In addition, The Purbeck School attracts students from all over, ranging from Dorset, to Scotland, to Egypt.

Being a student at The Purbeck Sixth Form means persevering, working hard, and pushing yourself to do the best you can do. Like with all education, it can be difficult at times. Organising yourself to meet deadlines, manage your time, and keep up with all work can prove challenging, especially at the beginning. Staff at the school are aware and understanding of the potential struggles of this transition from lower school to sixth form, giving willing support where needed. This includes sixth form staff, subject teachers, and tutors.

The most commonly used space within the school is the sixth form centre. This is both a social space – at break and lunch – and study space – used during lesson times. As well as providing a stimulating education, many opportunities are also offered to us. This includes leadership roles, enrichment, and talks from unis/businesses etc. When we first joined the sixth form, we were told it was a bridge to our next destination; whether that be university, an apprenticeship, full time work, travel – whatever we aspire towards. We are also provided with careers advice and support, to help us along the way.

These two years at the Purbeck Sixth Form are ‘stepping stones’ dedicated to getting us to wherever we want to go, and developing us into the people we want to be before we move onto the next chapter.


Having joined The Purbeck School for sixth form as an external student, I was apprehensive and nervous, however it soon became apparent that my time here was instead going to be an exciting and fulfilling journey. Jumping from GCSEs to A-levels is certainly daunting: dependency on self-study becomes far more significant, the volume of content increases, and time becomes more precious.

It is without a doubt that the sixth form here at Purbeck supports and guides us through these challenges, as staff members get to know us as individuals, ensuring we are on track and feel motivated. Mr Waterman, the sixth form manager, is a firm favourite staff member in the sixth form centre, as he engages with us often- from formal talks, to key advice, and even just a chat about what we did at the weekend! Also, Mr Holmes, the head of sixth form, and Mr Clay, my head of year, often lead fun assemblies on a variety of different topics. Additionally, having a head of year allows us to have somebody else to engage with, whether it be seeking support, or pitching new ideas to improve our experience at sixth form. While these are just a couple of key names, it is worth noting that all staff members are keen to help us achieve excellence. Teachers often have an open-door policy, meaning as sixth formers we are able to seek help with school work, and advice regarding further education at any time.

Sixth form is often described as the bridge in our education, and The Purbeck School Sixth Form enables us to grow as individuals, have high aspirations, and successfully cross this bridge.


Being a Purbeck sixth former is many things collaborated into one and the transition from year 11 to 12 can be exhausting yet satisfying and accomplishing all at once. I was supported through the whole process from everyone’s collective lifeline in sixth form (Mr Waterman) and the year heads. Even though I had been in Purbeck since year 7, it was still initially scary to know that I had just started another chapter of my life.

Being a sixth former is different than being in the younger years, you are treated like adults and the teachers of your chosen subjects make the lessons enjoyable, and due to the small classes, it is much easier to grasp the content without feeling embarrassed of being in a large class. Having frees during the timetable is also a great aspect of sixth form life, learning how to independently manage time and organise the work given which allows us to use these skills in the future, whether that be university or apprenticeships. It is a calm, friendly environment where everyone knows everyone and there is constant support.

We are always given opportunities to expand our enrichment and extra-curricular knowledge; the sixth form allowed me to do my own enrichment out of school and also offer school trips and extra-lessons after school if you need extra help, again allowing us to be independent and mindful of our time here at Purbeck while also allowing us to think about our future through the assemblies they provide.

Personally, I’ve had the best moments of my life and met the best people through the sixth form and have enjoyed learning my chosen subjects. I would not hesitate to encourage others to come to The Purbeck Sixth Form as their steppingstone for their future.


The jump from GCSEs to A-Levels is significant but I felt supported and welcomed by the whole of the sixth form team. Mr Waterman is an essential figure who is there for you no matter what, whether it’s a conversation about some sixth form gossip or any worries/concerns I felt. He is the dad of sixth form and we love him. Every single one of the teachers is an expert in their subject and have an in-depth knowledge of both the content and the exams. The reduced class sizes mean you can build up a relationship with both your classmates and your teachers. They know you and therefore know your strengths and weaknesses so can personally tailor how they help and support you throughout you’re A-Levels. Mr Holmes, the head of sixth form, is a member of the leadership team which means that we all regularly see and talk to him which is great as he is not just an omniscient figure. Your head of year is an essential figure who is very aware of what you are doing and how you are getting on both academically and emotionally. If you have any issues, they are all there for you because they care about your welfare and want you to achieve.

During our time here at Sixth Form, we grow and become young adults who are ready to cross the bridge to further education and the world.