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Business Studies

Cambridge Technical Level 3

A Cambridge National in Business is an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable insight into the world of business, combining theoretical concepts with real life practical examples. A subject that complements a wide range of other subjects, whether these are A Levels or other vocational subjects. Studying Business really is a fantastic stepping stone to allow the continuation of study in either Business or Business related subjects at university. Alternatively, skills developed and knowledge acquired would ensure you are well equipped to enter the workplace.

Summary of course content:

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Business (3GLH). Equivalent of 1 A-level:

You are required to achieve a total of 5 units over the two years of study. In order to do this, you will cover three compulsory units and two further units, outlined below:

The compulsory units are:

  • The Business environment – to understand the wider context in which businesses operate and of internal functions and their interdependencies (examination).
  • Working in business – to understand the critical skills needed in business, different business documents and organizational protocols (coursework).
  • Customers and communication – to understand how vital customers are to business success (examination). 2 additional units will be studied:
  • Marketing and market research (coursework).
  • Human Resource Management (coursework).

Units have been evenly spread across the two years of study to ensure that not all exams / coursework are sat / delivered in one academic year.

Summary of assessment:

Assessment takes different forms which include; internal assessments, comprising of assignments that are designed and graded by your subject teacher, these grades are then submitted and coursework sent off to the examination board. Assessment tasks are all designed with the learning outcomes in mind, enabling you to demonstrate knowledge and understanding throughout. Assignments can take on a variety of formats, including; written assignments, presentations or even through the execution of a business project. Secondly you may have externally assessed coursework that uses case study material given by the exam board. These are then marked by the exam board and graded accordingly. Finally there are external examinations that require you to learn course content and perform under exam conditions, as per a traditional A-level. The true advantage of taking the Cambridge Technical L3 Business Studies course is that regardless of where your strengths lie you are assessed in such a way that truly allows you to practice and prepare for the assessments.

Where the course leads

A Level 3 course in Business Studies provides an excellent foundation and can ease access in to a whole host of different career pathways, not just in Business related careers. The qualification can also be used to enter into higher education, with the course being accredited by Exeter University.

Entry requirements

Students must achieve at least 5 GCSE’s including a grade 5 in English and Maths.

For further information please do contact: Mr P. Dunn, Head of Business Studies,