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Year 12 History trip to the Chalke Valley History Festival

The annual Chalke Valley History Festival is a landmark event for any historian, and Year 12 were treated to the full experience on offer.

 The day began with a brief exploration and the establishment of base camp in front of the outdoor stage, before being summoned into the trenches by the whistle of our loud, moustachioed commanding officer. A few loud explosions and distant gunshots later, our A Level historians were free to take in everything that the Chalke Valley Festival offers: inspiring talks by world-leading historians, medieval jousting, a WW2 tank display, and falconry that would delight any Tudor monarch. Top it all off with a visit to the food festival in the afternoon sun, and the day was perfect. Hopefully, our Year 12s are both eager and inspired to begin their coursework, where they will need to be as passionate and persuasive as the historians we met at the festival!