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Student Council:


On Friday 9th February, Mr Hunt, Head of Kingfisher House, met with our student council to hear their views on our current praise and reward policy.

Prior to this meeting, all tutors were asked to review the current praise system with their tutor groups. Tutees and tutors were asked to offer strengths of our current provision and then suggest areas they would like to improve. This information was then summarised and taken to our student council who reviewed it further.

Please see below for a summary of what was discussed and some suggestions that the student council, and the whole school community, made.

Main comments:


  • Super 7s: however, could this come with greater incentives as those students that don’t have school lunches lose the privilege of queue jumping.
  • Students really enjoy the hot chocolates/ slushies as rewards
  • Gold/ Silver/ Bronze awards were rated highly by students.

Areas for development:

  • Students felt there was an imbalance in who gets HPs and Super 7s
  • Students feel that HPs reduce as they move into the older years across the school
  • Sometimes students get two Super 7s a week and ultimately end up losing 1 of them as it doubles up

Students suggested the following ideas:

  • Could there be trips for Club Zero or highest HP earners?
  • We like the idea of club zero, but could the reward be reviewed?
  • More incentives for HPs

Next steps:

  • Praise and rewards systems to continued to be reviewed and launch of any new ideas to take place in Summer 2 half term.

As ever, we would like to thank the student council for all their hard work that they have put into reviewing and praise and reward system and we look forward to sharing the suggested changed with you in the summer term.