Cambridge Technicals Level 3 in Sport (Single & Double)

This qualification is highly populated and progresses perfectly from the Level 2 BTEC Sport qualification at Year 11. The qualification is a mixture of internal coursework and external exam, which is advantageous to students as A-Level exams are now predominantly linear with external assessments at the end of the two years. This qualification is ideally suited for students who want to continue with a Career in sport ranging from: sports coaching, to sports nutrition, to physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

There are two types of qualification that we offer at The Purbeck School in sixth form. These are outlined and explained below:

Extended Certificate in Sport & Physical Activity Level 3

This is the equivalent to one A-Level and consists of two external exams and 3 units of coursework over the two years. In year 12 you will cover the following units:

Unit 1: Body Systems & The Effects of Physical Activity (External Exam)

This is a 90 mark exam that is based on Anatomy and Physiology. It is very factually based and will include in depth science based learning of the skeletal, muscular, cardio- respiratory and energy systems. Students will take the exam in June. systems-and-the-effects-of-physical-activity.pdf

Unit 2: Sports Coaching & Activity Leadership (Coursework)

This is solely coursework and is split up into four assignments over the year. This involves a mixture of presentations, planning a scheme of learning in a sport, implementing it over a 6 to 8 week period, then evaluating it. It can be a sport of your choice and will be run during lunchtimes or after school through Purbeck Extra- Curricular Sports Programme. coaching-and-activity-leadership.pdf

Extended Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity Level 3

This is the equivalent to two A-Levels and consists of three external exams and 7 units of coursework over the two years. In year 12 you will cover the above units as well as the following:

Unit 4: Working Safely in Sport, Exercise, Health & Leisure (External Exam)

This is a 90 mark exam based on Health and Safety. It involves risk assessing, first aid, acts put in place to abide by and numerous case studies of when these all were a necessity to be applied. Students will take the exam in June. sport-exercise-health-and-leisure.pdf

Unit 8: Organisation of Sports Events (Coursework)

This is solely coursework and is split up into four assignments. It involves researching and presenting different types of events and the characteristics needed to be an excellent sports leader. Then you will plan and promote a sports event for the sports partnership primary schools, run it and evaluate it. organisation-of-sports-events.pdf

Unit 13: Health & Fitness Testing in Sport & Exercise (Coursework)

This is solely coursework and is split up into 4 assignments. It involves presenting different fitness testing methods for different fitness components and then using these to plan, implement and complete a client consultation. You will then submit a report of your data providing feedback to both the client with suggestions of methods of training suitable for a personal trainer. and-fitness-testing-for-sport-and-exercise.pdf


Year 13 Units

Unit 3 – Sports organisation and development

Unit 5 – Performance analysis in sport and exercise

Unit 11 – Physical activity for specific groups

Unit 17 – Sports injuries and rehabilitation

Unit 18 – Practical skills in sport and physical activities

Unit 19 – Sport and exercise psychology


For further information contact: Mr Tarbard



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