Media Studies

Media Studies is designed to enhance your enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of the media and its role in your daily life. The course introduces you both to media ideas and the practice of production, which gives you the chance to develop a real understanding of media platforms, the contemporary media landscape and the influential role of the media in today’s society.

This course helps you develop three relationships with the media. As a ‘consumer’ you’ll become more aware of the many ways in which media messages are presented to us, as well as discovering how the institutions which produce and distribute media products are trying to reach you. And if you want a career in media, producing and evaluating your own media productions will give you a real hands-on understanding of both how media messages are created and what they are aiming to do.

Summary of course content: AS:

Unit 1 and 2 provide an integrated and complementary introduction to the study of the media and the contemporary media landscape. The content of both units is underpinned by a set of key media concepts and media platforms, ranging from issues concerning representation and institutions to focusing on media platforms such as broadcasting, digital and web-based media and print media.

Unit 1 requires students to carry out a cross-media study for an unseen examination. The study will then also be used to inform your work on Unit 2. For Unit 2, students will produce two media productions in two of the three different media platforms, with an evaluation of the productions, including a consideration of the use of the third media platform. Both units require students to look at cross-cultural issues.


At A2 students will build on their AS work to look more fully at the contexts of media production and consumption – why as well as how texts are created. Students will look at a range of Media Debates and issues such as representation, news values and media effects. For Unit 3 students will be required to study two pre-set media topics on at least one of the three media studies platforms. For Unit 4 students will produce a media product linked to their research for an individual critical investigation. In both A2 units students will look at cross-cultural factors and the effects of globalisation on the media where appropriate.

Where the course leads:

Media Studies naturally leads to careers in journalism, marketing, advertising or public relations. But an awareness of how the world of media works can also support other careers, such as social work, law, medicine and education. By knowing how the media operates you’ll be able to decode messages more skilfully and engage with topics that interest you.

Skills developed through the study of the media, such as research, analysis and evaluation and reflection will be transferable to any chosen career.

Entry requirements:

We recommend that students have taken Media Studies at GCSE level achieving at least a C. However, students who have obtained a C or above in English at GCSE and who have comprehensive ICT skills, such as a knowledge of Photoshop/Fireworks and video editing software, will also be considered.

Exam board: AQA

For further advice contact: Mrs Gregory



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