Sixth Form Curriculum

Sixth Form Curriculum Intent

The Options Process

Students need to complete an application form for The Purbeck School Sixth Form. All students who have applied to The Purbeck School will be invited for interview.  The interview allows us to have an informed conversation with your child about how well their choices fit with their future plans.

Who else can help?

The School Careers Advisor is available in the Learning Resources Centre to give advice and guidance to students on Thursdays.  Should your child wish to make a one-to-one appointment they should email Mrs M Beale at:



The Purbeck School: Planned hours funded by the ESFA (16-19 funding)

In accordance with The Education and Skills Funding Agency guidelines (last updated June 2018), the activities in each student’s study programme in an academic year constitute the planned hours. Each student’s planned hours are agreed between the institution and the student at the start of their study programme.

Planned hours constitute all the qualification planned hours and the non-qualification planned hours.

Planned hours are timetabled by the sixth form, and at The Purbeck School Sixth Form they include:

  • planned teacher-led activity on courses leading to qualifications;
  • planned hours of tutor time and assemblies (as outlined in the Purbeck School Sixth Form Personal Development document).

Non-qualification hours

These are hours of fundable activity that are not used to take externally certified qualifications. These hours are also known as planned employability, enrichment and pastoral (EEP) hours.

EEP hours include activities that are relevant to the study programme and:

  • do not count towards a qualification as defined above
  • are for informal or in-house certificates
  • are for tutorial purposes
  • are spent on work experience and other work-related activities
  • are spent on enrichment, volunteering and/or community activities organised by or on behalf of the institution.

At The Purbeck School Sixth Form they include:

  • planned hours on other activities including weekly enrichment on Wednesdays.

At times according to individuals, other examples of activity that count towards EEP hours are:

  • tutorials and any one to one sessions such as to plan study or revision
  • mentoring and coaching
  • revision hours, structured revision, exam test papers
  • informal certificates such as citizenship awards or Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • work experience and work-related activity such as preparing CVs and practising interview skills and techniques
  • field work or a piece of work such as a survey/research which is integral to the study programme, such as a field trip with a task attached
  • completing applications for jobs or university where a tutor is supporting and helping the student
  • employer visits arranged by the institution
  • university visits arranged by the institution
  • volunteering activities and community activities
  • any activities that offer enrichment to the student such as personal and social development