Youth Patient Participation Group – years 10 to 13

Dear Parent / Guardian

The Purbeck School is looking to promote the idea of young people being involved in the community.

An exciting opportunity to help shape and improve local community health services for young people is being developed. On behalf of Purbeck Primary Care network, we are looking to set up a patient participation group (Youth PPG) for young people who are registered at any GP practice in Purbeck i.e. Bere Regis Surgery, Sandford Surgery, Wool Surgery, Wareham Surgery, Corfe Castle Surgery or Swanage Surgery.

No other area in Dorset has such a group and we felt it was time to involve young people. After all, these are the people who will be using the NHS now and way into the future.

What is a PPG?

Traditionally PPGs are made up of patients registered at a GP surgery – they are adults and usually from a retired age group.  All GP surgeries are required to have a PPG but few surgeries have a youth PPG.

Broadly, the aim of the group will be to get the opinions of young patients about how local community services are run and listen to suggestions for improvement or development.

It might include carrying out research into the users of the practice, to improve quality of care, for example, or improve access for young people.

The group can also help with Health Promotion events, education events or even educating the people working at the practice about what youth services are available locally, for example.

The students would need to be registered at a GP Practice in Purbeck (we have approval to cover all Purbeck Practices, from our Clinical Director, Dr Jamie Jackson, GP at Bere Regis Surgery)

Why join a Youth PPG?

  • Do you want to make your GP surgery more “youth-friendly”?
  • Do you want to have a say in how local health services might be developed?
  • Do you want to gain experience that would look great on your C.V.?
  • No experience required.

Initially it may involve monthly meetings, but it is a new project and we will be led by the young people, who may prefer an online group.

Any student is welcome, we are looking for a broad cross section of people and experiences. It may appeal to those looking for a career in Nursing, Medicine or Health and Social Care, but also to anyone who would like to get involved, make a difference and give something back to their community. We would also like help from design students for advertising with posters, leaflets etc!

Our first meeting is on Friday 20th March at 1.30pm – 2pm at Purbeck School in the main hall. It will be an informal information session to get things started.

Please encourage your young person to attend!

We look forward to working with the young people of Purbeck to help improve local community NHS services.

Yours sincerely

Dr Ann Marshall, GP at Wareham Surgery

Mrs Jenny Whittle, Practice Manager at Wareham Surgery

Mrs Sheila Lancefield, Chair of Wareham Surgery Adult PPG and volunteer maths teacher at Purbeck School.

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