Year 9 Options Process

Welcome to the year 9 Options Process.

We have highlighted below a timeline of activities and important dates to support you in selecting the optional subjects for KS4 as well and information about our core curricular.

Year 9 Options Booklet

Selecting the best combination of subjects for each individual in Year 9 is an important process and within this the School will provide recommendations from the data that we have gathered on each student to help guide your decisions.

We advise that selecting a student’s optional subjects is done in combination with a family discussion about possible career and further education aspirations.

The government guides the School to ensure that students follow a broad and balanced curriculum by the expectation that students will follow a combination that satisfy ‘Progress 8’.  At the Purbeck School this is done through our core curriculum and the addition of students selecting one of Geography, History, French or Spanish.

Universities often advise that students take a combination of subjects that earn them the English Baccalaureate which would need then to take one of Geography or History as well as one of French or Spanish however this is optional.

As a School we will be advising students on their suitability for subjects like: Separate Science; English Plus; Entry level qualification in English and Mathematics and our Cope course by sending out letters in December that invite them to take these subjects.

Please note it is not always possible to give students their first choice of subjects and not all combinations are possible.








If you want further guidance on the process please contact your child’s Tutor or House Leader in the first instance.

If you would like us to organise a career advice appointment for your child please email .

Picture of Year 9 Options Timeline Dec 2021-amended