Year 7’s first experiences at The Purbeck School – an article by Sophie Francis (Year 11)

So, it’s that time of year again where the kids can say goodbye to late nights, and the grown ups can say hello to some freedom again! Once again, The Purbeck School welcomes new arrivals from the primary schools, ready to learn, make new friends and grow as students and as people. As a fellow student, I can totally agree that secondary school is one of the biggest learning curves for any individual. After the new Year 7’s first week at The Purbeck School, I talked to a few of them to see how they were getting on.

I asked them what their first thoughts had been before they joined the school; one of the students worried it would be ‘scary because there’s loads of big people and it would be very busy’, another student worried it would be ‘difficult to find [their] way around’. But, when I asked for their first thoughts after a week at The Purbeck School, they were excited to tell me it was the ‘perfect experience! And you don’t get lost as much as you’d think’, another student told me it was a ‘cool experience learning new things and getting to make new friends’. Every student I interviewed was excited to tell me they had made new friends.

Being a student myself, I was curious about their favourite subjects and some of their favourite teachers. One of the students told me ‘my favourite lesson is probably Food Technology; it’s the most fun subject and Mrs Schubert (one of the food tech teachers) is my favourite teacher!’, another student said ‘my favourite lesson is Science probably because it’s where you try out new things and it will be more exciting in the future and Mr Guy (one of the biology teachers) is my favourite teacher!’.

Now that the first week has flown by, the school’s annual Year 7 trip to Hooke Court is coming up and I spoke to some of the pupils about their thoughts on the upcoming trip. One student said: ‘I’m looking forward to Hooke Court because it looks fun’, another said: ‘I’m excited to go because I’m looking forward to spending time with my best friend who I made a few days ago’ and a third said, ‘I’m looking forward to raft building and the talent show, I’m singing ‘Fight Song’, my favourite song!’

It’s nice to see the Year 7s have settled in so well and I’m sure the teachers are looking forward to seeing them all mature into respectable young adults and grow as people in their time at The Purbeck School. It’s crazy to think that this time 4 years ago I was packing for Hooke Court and now it’s all GCSE revision and research into colleges!

I’d like to thank: Beth Rod, Brandon Greechan, Chantelle Anderson, Sasha Daly, Ollie Davis, Emily Curtis, Lily Winch and Stephen Smith – for being my amazing interviewees (and Mrs Smyth for helping edit this!)I wish you all luck at your time at Purbeck!

Written By: Sophie Francis

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