Year 13 HSC visit to Holton Lee Livability Spinal Repair Centre

On Wednesday 22nd of November the year 13 Health and Social Care class went on a visit to Holton Lee Livability spinal repair centre, which is the only one in the UK. The centre is opening on the 10th of December, so we were very privileged to have a tour and get to know the staff before opening day.

The morning started with us being given a tour of the facilities which include state of the art bed rooms, this was astonishing because all equipment was brand new and adapted for the clients who will be using it. It is set in a beautiful location meaning that the views from the window really gave you a look on Dorset’s great outdoors.  While touring around we got to see what great opportunities these clients will get on rebuilding their lives. This centre has been adapted to cater for various spinal injuries. The clients can be 18 and above. The centre allows family to visit whenever they want. This means that with clients being there for a long period of time then can feel relaxed and welcome ready to rebuild families.

The most amazing thing about this place was how friendly and excited the staff themselves were for the opening of the centre. Their passion shone through when we were speaking to them.

After the tour, we then sat down with the workers and had a question and answer sessions revolving around questions about the centre or any question about their careers as this benefitted our coursework.

This was a truly inspiring visit for the class, as it made you realise their amazing centres that is just around the corner from us who really improve the quality of peoples lives. With looking around it gave the class career opportunities to consider and a knowledge of how spinal injuries can be treated.

This was a truly inspiring trip and a fantastic opportunity for us to have.

Libby Jenner

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