Year 12 Work Experience at Lush

Throughout the week of the 5th of February, I attended work experience at a factory for the cosmetics company ‘LUSH’. The staff at the factory were very welcoming and kept me busy all week, so made sure I got the most out of my short time. The factory is made up of multiple departments. The departments I visited include the following; Bubbles, Soaps, Digital fulfilment, Ballistics (bath bombs) and massage products.

My first day was spent in the bubble department, in this section I completed activities such as moulding solid bubble bars. Bubble bars shake up the notion of liquid bubble bath, taking many different colours and creating a different experience. These were made from a play-doh type substance that we would mould and leave to solidify, the fact that all these products are made by hand is amazing and interested me into how the mass production takes place. These products would send a mixture of aromas around the factory and this was one of my favourite aspect of the week!

The next couple days were spent in the massage and the digital fulfilment departments. The digital fulfilment department deals with online orders and deliveries. We began by picking list of items and a plastic crate with dividers to separate the products. The products were collected from the shelves that were clearly labelled chronologically. When the product from the list was collected I would have to tick it off the list. This taught me how to follow simple but specific instructions and organisation skills. In the massage section, all we had to do was assure that all the products were up to standard and discarding of any broken or faulty cosmetics.

Finally, onto my favourite activity, making baths bombs! Making baths bombs is quite complicated but I quickly got the hang of it.  I had to wear a mask and gloves, the gloves had to be changed for each product to make sure there was no mixing. The process was as follows; I mixed up a number of powders (depending on the product) on a flat table, to then make a pile in the centre and with two separate moulds you compress the powder making sure that all the space was filled and then place onto a tray for further processing.

To conclude, my work experience gave me a great insight into factory work and how lush products are made. I really enjoyed it and am really grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Hannah Blanchard

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