Year 12 Work Experience at ipconsult

In my week at ipconsult, I not only gathered plenty of knowledge on the intricacies of Intellectual Property, but I also refined my critical thinking skills vital to the field. What is initially perceived to be quite an exact science, soon entails a series of creative challenges. One combines a sharp grasp on the minutiae of the law with an inventive and open mind-set, to navigate the complex world of IP for a client. The required understanding of the seemingly simple and yet crucial details woven into every aspect of this region of law, such as the subtle differences between a Design Right and a Registered Design, takes years to cultivate, and yet this is all in vain if a patent attorney does not have the aptitude for child-like thinking. Each patent I worked on was a new test, developing an overall comprehension of the invention and Prior Art which the Patent Examiner found, and then the need to write a claim in which every single word had a legal impact.

In each task, I was guided by a new member of the team, passing on advice and giving hands-on experience, whether this was in renewals, Design Rights, or international IP to name a few. The environment was kind, flexible, and patient; I always felt welcome and valued. I am very grateful for the time and effort contributed by Mr Walker and his team, to give me a worthwhile experience working in IP.

Isabel Bowerman

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