Year 12 Work Experience at David James Architects and Partners Ltd

On the first week of February, I attended 5 days of work experience at David James Architects and Partners Ltd. I was extremely lucky to get a placement at such a professional workplace with friendly and enthusiastic staff.

What is it they do exactly? David James and partners give a full architectural service from the initial design through to building completion. Director, Laurie kept me on my toes throughout the week and with help from other employees, I got a great insight into the business.

My task for the duration of the week was to design a home in response to a client’s specified requests. Initially, I started by sketching out on tracing paper a basic shape of the home on a 1:200 scale, considering how all the rooms link together and getting a true idea of the scale of each space. This was then scanned and extruded into a 3D model on a computer software. The part of this next process that I enjoyed the most was adding features to the home and playing with the aesthetics in terms of shapes, colours, and materials.

By the end of the week not only had I come up with a design for a home, but I gained knowledge of project management, the interior design process, whilst also picking up written and verbal communication skills through communicating with staff. I believe the week has given me a true insight into the real world of a working environment and feel that it has prepared me for the future in terms of knowing what to expect after higher education.

Additionally, I feel this has given me a helping hand in preparation for University as it has educated me in areas such as presenting my ideas, basic computing skills and again, written/verbal communication. I would like to thank all the staff at David James, as I believe this process has been of huge benefit to myself.

Oliver Hall

This photo shows a quick sketch of the house over the piece of land that I was given. The arrows show what directions the view will be most aesthetic, the curved shapes and circles are there to show where vegetation and trees are located.

This is a sketch of the ground floors-floor plan; as you can see there are labels which I further developed. This sketch is a 1:200 scale drawing of the structure.

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