Year 11 Trial Examinations

Dear Parent/Carer,

This half-term, all Year 11 pupils will sit Trial Examinations in many of their subjects. I am writing to inform you of when these trial exams are and how you can support you child prepare effectively for them.

Our trial exams are really important for both pupils and teachers. They will identify strengths and areas to develop, which will be used to plan future lessons and interventions, to support your child fulfil their potential in their GCSE exams next year.

Exam schedule

Your child’s exams are due to take place between Thursday 9th November and Friday 17th November. Here is a provisional schedule. Pupils with clashes will be provided with an alternative timetable.

Download or print Timetable pdf

Your child’s tutor will explain our exam expectations during tutor time and give out exam timetables, which provide details of timings and rooming. However, if your child loses their exam timetable then they can receive a new one from Student Services.

What does your child need for their exam?

Please can you ensure your child is exam ready with the following equipment:

  • Scientific calculator
  • Two black pens
  • Two sharp pencils
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Clear pencil case

What will the trial exams assess?

Each trial exam paper will focus largely on knowledge and skills taught so far in each GCSE course, from both Year 10 and Year 11. Some subjects will provide revision lists in class. Please encourage your child to seek their teachers help if they aren’t sure what to focus on.

What are the expectations in examinations?

In the morning, pupils should register at 8.45am, then immediately drop off their bags (in the LRC), before lining up outside the hall/exam room in silence. Mobile phones, electronic devices and watches must be left in their bags.

We expect exam conditions at all times. Behaviour in the exam room must be impeccable, i.e. no talking or looking around, follow staff instructions etc. Once dismissed from their exams, all pupils must return to their normal lessons immediately.

If a pupil has access arrangements, e.g. a reader, a scribe or requires extra time, then we strongly encourage them to use it. Exam concessions for SEND pupils may be withdrawn for the real summer examinations, if we aren’t able to evidence it is a pupil’s normal way of working.

How should my child revise for their trial exams?

As a parent, please encourage and support your child get into a regular study routine at home. We recommend that our pupils’ study around one hours every day to prepare for these trial exams.

To help your child reach their potential in their GCSEs, we have created a GCSE Revision and Independent Study booklet. In this booklet, each subject area has put together summary of what your child could do to support their own revision.

Information includes:

  • How pupils are assessed in each subject
  • What revision activities your child must be completing each week to prepare for their exams
  • What extra revision activities your child could be completing each week to prepare for their exams
  • How pupils can get help and support

Each subject area has also created videos to support your child prepare for examinations in each subject. These can be found here:

If you have any questions regarding your child’s Y11 Trial Examinations, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Carl Morris

Deputy Head teacher

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