Year 11 Smart Day

Though the prom is now behind us, year eleven once more brought a certain style and elegance to The Purbeck School in our year eleven ‘smart day’.

The highlight of the day was the wonderful celebration assembly that featured heart felt appreciations from tutors, laughter and exceptional student talent with singing from Alanis Sibley-Ware. This was a particularly special day for our year eleven students as they are the first year group to have been at the school from year seven onwards.

During this celebration assembly, students enjoyed before and after photographs from year seven to year eleven; this caused quite a lot of laughter and cringing in equal measure. Then tutors took turns to spend some time talking about their tutor groups. This included poetry from Ms Barrett, comparisons to packets of crisps from Mr Remmer, and the appearance of ‘fun folder’ Friday from Mrs Collins as well as a series of fond goodbyes.

All that is left for us to do now is hope that year eleven prove to be just as ‘smart’ when it comes to their exams over the next few weeks…

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