Year 11 PEDSA Netball Tournament

The girls played their hardest matches in the first two weeks of this tournament. They put up a tremendous fight against Parkstone Grammar and the game was matched goal for goal. A couple of intercepted centre passes by Parkstone on our centre pass saw them clench victory right at the end. We only lost by 3 goals and the girls really played out of their skins.

St Edwards had a tall solid defence that the girls found hard to get around and unfortunately we lost this next game. Corfe Hills unfortunately also beat us. However, the last game of the tournament saw us play the sort of netball I knew the girls were capable of. Beautiful flowing passes from attack to defence saw us score goal after goal. The girls were on fire and were easily victorious over Poole High School winning 13-2.

Their last game was against Ferndown. In the first half the girls seemed shell shocked and never got into the game losing 6-2 at half time. However, determined to win the girls really stepped it up a gear and played brilliantly, winning 10-7.

All the games were close and when the girls are disciplined, determined and mark tightly they often succeed.

Mrs Davies







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