Year 10 trial examinations

Dear Parent/carer

The next couple of weeks are very busy for Year 10 students and I just wanted to make you aware of some key dates.

On the 18th June Year 10 trial examinations will begin. This is a full set of examinations for Year 10 and is the start of their preparation for the final examinations next year. The examinations will test much of the learning that they have undertaken this year. It is vital that they approach these exams in the right way. What they can revise and commit to their long term memory now will be hugely significant to their final results next year. As you can imagine with the number of subjects and the amount of information that needs to be retained the earlier that serious and focussed revision begins the more effective it will be.

Therefore, over the next three weeks (this week and the next two) no Year 10 home learning will be set that is not related to revision. Your son/daughter should be undertaking a revision programme – we would recommend at least 1 to 2 hours per evening – ensuring that all subject areas are covered.

After the end of the examinations Year 10 then embark on their work experience week (w/b 2/7/18). This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the world of work and be in a professional environment. Please talk to your son/daughter about the expectations that a workplace will have for them so that they approach this with the right sense of importance and professionalism.

Please continue to keep informed of key dates at the school through the website.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

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