Year 10/11 Rugby

Purbeck School 48 Blandford 12

The rugby season started with a very convincing Year 10/11 victory over a very physical and well drilled Blandford team. Unfortunately due to absentees a depleted squad which was initially 18 players resulted in Purbeck playing with one less player, not that it showed one bit.

Purbeck started brightly, hammering Blandford straight back into their own 22 but just couldn’t get the ball over the try line. This was eventually turned over and cleared by Blandford, who then with a good kick chase started advancing up the pitch immediately. After a break in play, from a line-out, Jamie Foskett kicked the ball across field and deep into the Blandford half. Tae Schuitemaker pounced on this getting tap tackled but then offloading to the ever present Sam Bowen to score under the posts. Blandford then came straight back at Purbeck directly from the kick off. Purbeck knocked the ball on giving Blandford a scrum, in which they worked the ball towards the Purbeck try line. With phase after phase of pressure and constant tackling, Blandford eventually scored in the corner.

After a distinct bit of pressure yet again from Blandford, Purbeck then burst into life with Freddie Tozer going blind off an attacking scrum, drawing the defender to create space for Jamie Foskett to put Ollie Peters over the try line in the corner. Just before half time Purbeck then extended their lead with a very effective line-out driving Harry Jagger at the fly half. Then with quick recycled ball, Jamie Foskett broke through a gap in the centres to offload out the back of his hand to Tom Munns, who despite having a three man overlap rumbled the ball over the line himself. Half time: 19-5.

The second half was a very different story after stern words from Mr Tarbard at half time. The boys came firing out of the blocks with booming defensive tackles and numerous turnovers. Charlie Orchard was tackling ferociously, forcing Blandford into mistakes, with Harry Long making Blandford players take flight with his booming hand offs. After tiring Blandford out the floodgates then opened. Two excellent tries from Sam Bowen, followed by another Foskett dummy and side step masterclass, really turned the results into a big W with 20 minutes to go. Blandford did however score in the latter stages to slightly reduce the deficit, with Purbeck scoring the try of the game to finish. With some excellent offloading play, running and ferocious rucking. Purbeck worked their way down the pitch, for Lewis Reeves (of all people) run in a team try under the posts. This finished off an excellent game of rugby with Purbeck winning 48-12.

Poole High are the next set of opposition for the boys in a couple of weeks’ time. Lots of things to work on, but an excellent first result.

Purbeck Team: 1. Harry Jagger, 2. Lewis Reeves, 3. Joe Daly, 4. Will Brown, 5. Harry Long, 6. Ollie Peters, 7. Kian Salina, 8. Charlie Orchard, 9. Freddie Tozer, 10. Jamie Foskett, 11. George North 12. Tom Munns, 13. Sam Bowen, 14. Tae Schuitemaker, 15. Alex Gordon. Water Boy: Jamie Gordon.

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