World Book Day

Dear parents and guardians,

We will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 6th March this year.  There will be a number of activities running throughout the day celebrating and recognising the importance reading has to our students at the Purbeck School. For reasons that will be outlined below, it is important that students have a reading book with them at all times on World Book Day.

Some of the activities students will be undertaking are as follows:


We will be participating in the ‘Drop Everything And Read’ initiative for all year groups.  At one point during the course of the day a bell will ring and students and staff will stop what they are doing and start reading for pleasure during a lesson. For this reason, students will need to have a reading book on them at all times.

Book Reviews

If students have an English lesson on that day in years 7, 8 and 9, then they will be taught about how to write book reviews for books that they would like to recommend to other students. To support this process, students need to have given some thought to what their favourite book is and why it is their favourite book.  It may be helpful for students to have this book with them if it is not the book they are currently reading.

Three Dimensional Book Covers Competition

We are also running a competition that is open to all students in the school where students are invited to design and create three dimensional book covers for a book of their choice. If students wish to enter this competition, all entries should be submitted into the English faculty room by the end of break on World Book Day. There will be a number of prizes available for students’ creative entries. We are very much looking forward to seeing some interesting book cover designs!

World Book Day Tokens

On the day, each child will receive a £1 National Book token. This can be redeemed against special World Book Day books, which are priced at £1 so they can be exchanged directly for a token, or certain bookshops will accept the tokens against the full price of a book.

If you would like to do more to celebrate the day, or find out more information, the website dedicated to the day is:

Many thanks for your support,

Mr A Tullett
Key Stage 3 Lead in English

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