Work Experience Week 01-05 July 2019

Year 10 students returned from this year’s Work Experience, having had an amazing time with a variety of local employers and businesses in the area.  It gave students the opportunity to test out a particular job they may be considering in the future, and also an opportunity to develop key employability skills such as resilience and communication.

Feedback from employers and students has been extremely positive:-

“Skyla has been excellent. I really could see her working as a manager in the future, as she is independent, works well in a team, and all with a positive attitude. I will really miss working with her, she’s been a star!”

“I would like you to know how impressed I was with Euan when he did his work experience with Not Just Sundaes last week. He was helpful, polite, conscientious and hardworking. I had no hesitation in giving him the opportunity to undertake the vast majority of the tasks in the cafe. He interacted well with all our volunteers and customers who come from a variety of age ranges and backgrounds. Everyone was impressed with him.  I am delighted to say that he has offered to volunteer for us during the summer holidays, an offer which I am very happy to accept!”


Euan Cameron-Haigh, Year 10 student

I chose to do my work experience at Not Just Sundaes Café in Wareham. On the first day I shadowed Felicity, the owner, making coffees, taking orders, preparing food and serving customers.

On Wednesday I learnt how to make coffees like a barista –  using the machine, learning how many shots of coffee to use, heating and steaming the milk.

On Thursday, I  learnt how to use the till, and ensuring I gave the right change, I served food and  learnt how to carry more than 2 plates on my arm, without dropping any!

On Friday, my last day, I did a combination of everything.  I really enjoyed my time there and have volunteered to go back and help during the summer holidays.


Emily Hall, Year 10 student

For my work experience I worked at Babcock, Bovington in electrics.  One job I had to do was fix a fuel pump for a Challenger 2.  To do this I had to take it apart, wash it, check all the components and put it back together.  I really enjoyed my work experience as I learnt many new skills that I can now take into the working world.  Throughout the week I met new people who helped me settle in, get around the workshop safety, and now I am considering an apprenticeship when I leave school.


Callum Cobb, Year 10 student

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