Word rich learning at The Purbeck School

Word rich learning at The Purbeck School

All students at school and in the sixth form have been expanding their knowledge of ‘Tier 2 vocabulary’, words that are not specifically related to one subject but are essential in order to fully access the curriculum, media and world around them. We have been impressed by the engagement and creativity shown by many students as they master these words and use them in their work and everyday language.

Last week Jack Chapman in 8RLS scripted an excellent paragraph: ‘I am about to start my story: have you assimilated me? I am the author of this story so I have authority over you (no pun intended). I would like to clarify that this story is a concept for using these words. I have tried to the maximum capacity that this story will hold. Hopefully this story results beneficially for me.’ It did – Jack is one of the latest students to gain a Super 7 for his enthusiasm and effort!

This term every student is spending some tutorial time studying and practising our first sixty words. If you would like to access these words and support you daughter/son please find them here:

Word rich Autumn 18 vocabulary list KO (pdf)

Simon Holmes
Assistant Headteacher

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