Weekly update from the Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer/Student,

I hope this correspondence finds everyone well.

It has been another packed week full of announcements and changes to the lockdown. The educational changes for September have now been announced and we are delighted that we are going to be able to welcome back all of our students in September. It is what we had been hoping for, 6 months with no formal schooling for some year groups is far too long, no matter how good the online provision might be. There is a lot of guidance for us to sift through, lots of questions to be answered, and there will inevitably still have to be changes in September as we move to year group ‘bubbles’ of some form or another, but rest assured we will plan for a full return of all students and try and ensure that the student experience is as normal as it can possibly be.

This week we have begun the final communications of the term for all students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 11. Tutors and House Leaders have enjoyed the opportunities to contact and speak directly with you all and I hope that you have also found it valuable. As we move into the last two weeks of term can I thank everyone for their continued hard work to ensure that students stay motivated and on track, I hope that everyone can keep going for this last part of term. Year 10 and 12 are continuing to be in school as they have been over the past 3 weeks.

Just a reminder about the start of term in September, we are starting on Monday 7th September but this is only for Year 7 (as this will be their induction day) and Year 12 for enrolment. School will start for all year groups on Tuesday 8th September. We will write to all parents/carers before the end of the break with reminders about equipment and uniform for the new term. For Year 11 and 13 we are going to email out all of the results on the 13th (Year 13) and 20th August (Year 11), so that we do not have any large gatherings of people. There will still be a team in school available for discussion if you need to have a conversation about next steps, we will send out further details of this shortly.

The Lockdown Learner Wall of Fame is still creaking under the weight of work that has been submitted, this week Thomas Hayman in Year 8 is the winner of the voucher for his work in Spanish and DT – check out the pictures of the light that has been made by Thomas – well done!

I will write again next week, until then stay safe and take care,
Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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