Wall of Fame – Well Done!


This page is to recognise the fantastic learning that students at The Purbeck School have been completing during the ‘Lockdown’ period. If you have produced an excellent piece of work, put in exceptional effort, or gone ‘above and beyond’ we want you to be recognised. Therefore, your name will appear on this wall, with the reason behind the posting – we will update the wall on a weekly basis. Once your name is on the wall you will be entered for a weekly draw where you could win the ‘Lockdown learner of the week’ and be sent a £10 voucher. Good luck and keep learning.


Wall of Fame students for the week ending 15th May are:

Caitlin Burr, Y7 – Excellent French work with much perseverance!

Eliesha Howard Paynter, Y7 – Continued good work on medieval England for History.

Zara Pride, Y7 – Excellent French work & showing huge resilience!

Emma Brown Araujo, Y8 – Fantastic monologue performance for Drama.

Oliver Davis, Y8 – Excellent piece of work in PRE on humanism and the meaning of life.

Isobel Derrick, Y8 –  Created her own earthquake simulation using jelly and a straw building, plus ‘a tree’. Outstanding piece of work!

Annabelle Goodwin, Y8 – Excellent work in PRE on the nature of God and working out the class note book.  Well done!

Tonia Lamenyuy, Y8 – Always tackles French work with focus and commitment!

Izzy Marsh, Y8 – Outstanding French work; showed huge commitment and always on time!

Natalia  Nowosad, Y8 – Excellent effort with the characteristics of God and thoughtful response to the meaning of life lesson in PRE. Natalia has consistently worked hard throughout the lock down.

Anna Schuitemaker, Y8 – For catching up on her PRE work. Thinking and responding deeply to the Philosophical issues being studied. Well done!

Freddie Sills, Y8 – Continued good work on Victorian England for History.

Stephen Smith, Y8 – Excellent piece of work on superhero work for PRE.

Kyle Burr, Y9 – Consistently good effort for his English work during lockdown.

Ollie Coombe, Y9 – Excellent piece of work for Physics.

Isabella Firmstone, Y9 – Consistent excellent English work during lockdown.

Blake Hughes, Y9 – Good effort with his English work.

William Lewis, Y9 – Excellent piece of work on perfect Island for PRE.

Willoughby Liley, Y9 – Willoughby has completed his Greenwood stool project this week assembling the stool and weaving a seat for it from seagrass. The stool was made using traditional green wood working techniques and tools and has been an exciting project for Willoughby to take on during school closure and Excellent work on food labelling for Food Tech producing his own PowerPoint Presentation. Willoughby has produced thorough, high quality work every week so far. Well done!

Jacob Snell, Y9 – An excellent piece of extended writing for English.

Lillie Surrey, Y9 –  Good effort with her English work.

Thomas Swain, Y9 – An excellent piece of extended writing for English.

Megan Welsh, Y9 – Outstanding project work for Geography. Megan has put in extra work and effort to improve her understanding and knowledge of extreme ecosystems. Well done Megan!

Trinseca White, Y9 – An excellent piece of extended writing for English.

Mabel Whiting, Y9 –  Consistent excellent English work during lockdown.

Isabel Yarrow, Y9 – Continued good work on Life in Nazi Germany for History.

Elsie Browning, Y10 – Excellent French work; showed huge commitment.

Jessica Murphy, Y10 – Excellent work for Product Design.

Carly Burgess, Y12 – Continually completing work for Sociology to a very high standard. Well done!

Sophie Campbell, Y12 – Continually completing work for Sociology to a very high standard. Well done!

Fantastic work, well done!

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