Update from the Headteacher / New timings to school day

Dear Parent/Carer

As we reach the end of the 3rd week of school lockdown I hope that all of our students have managed to settle into a routine.

I wanted to let you all know of a particular change that we are making to the online learning as of next week. Having taken feedback from staff, students, and parents we have decided to move to 50 minute lessons as of Monday.

All lessons will start at the same time that they currently do, but they will finish a little earlier. This is to allow time for students to ‘upload’ any work they may have, complete work from the lesson that they may have fallen behind with, organise themselves, and spend a few minutes away from the computer screen. We believe that this will support the wellbeing of the students during the school day and take a little pressure off the need to move immediately from one lesson to the next.

Therefore, the school day will look like this:

8.45 – 9.00     Registration with the Tutor
9.00 – 9.50     Lesson 1
10.00 – 10.50     Lesson 2
11.10 – 12.00     Lesson 3
12.10 – 13.00     Lesson 4
14.00 – 14.50     Lesson 5

This will not affect the ‘live’ content of lessons and students will be expected to be ready for their lessons at the allotted time. Students will be talked through the changes on Monday morning.

Thank you to all of our Year 9 parent/carers who have returned their online option forms. If you haven’t done so then please do have a look at the website, it has lots of information and videos to support this process. We had our virtual Year 9 parents’ evening on Thursday (where we had our first major technical hitch – so thanks for your patience!), if you still need to contact a teacher then please do email them, teachers will also be contacting those parents that missed their appointment due to the technical problems.

We are continuing to see excellent engagement and learning from our students. This week the Lockdown Learner of the Week is Eddie Milmer (Y10) for going above and beyond during his Food Tech lessons – well done Eddie – enjoy spending the voucher.

The wellbeing of us all, but particularly our young people, during this latest lockdown is something that we are all acutely aware of. I wanted to remind you that there are a number of services that you or your child can access if you are concerned about wellbeing. Many of these vital services are linked through our website page at https://www.purbeck.dorset.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Support-for-professionals-and-families-in-lockdown.pdf

We still have no further news on exams, the Department for Education are currently undertaking a consultation on the process – if you would like to be part of the consultation then follow the link


I will write again next week.

Stay safe and take care,

Adam Darley1Headteacher

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