Dear Parents/Carers,

A polite reminder that we have a clear uniform policy that must be adhered to. In particular may I draw your attention to the following:

JEWELLERY – The ONLY jewellery permissible is a wrist watch, one ring, one chain (worn under the shirt). Facial/tongue and body piercings are not acceptable even if they are covered up. Transparent studs are unacceptable. If students have pierced ears, only single plain studs must be worn in school. Only ONE stud in each ear. No other form or ornamentation is permitted.

MAKE UP – Must be discreet. This must be removed if requested by a Head of Year or senior member of staff.

TROUSERS – Dark grey school trousers are the only type acceptable, these can be purchased from the designated school retailers (AF Joys or PMG).This style of trousers are dark grey and wide fit; slim or skinny fit are not acceptable.

If uniform has not been rectified by Monday the 11th September, students who are not in the correct uniform may well be sent home.

Many thanks for your support with this.

Mrs V Gregory
Assistant Headteacher: Pastoral Lead

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