Under 15 Girls County Cup – Football Success!

On Wednesday 8/5 – the under 15 girls travelled to the County Ground for the Under 15 Girls County Cup – after a long qualifying period with a couple of tough games particularly in the semi-final – we were feeling very positive about the final. Mr Tarbard and Mr Darley came to watch.

However 30 seconds in we were 1-0 down and after 7 minutes we were 2-0 down. Emily Wilkinson stepped up to play centre back alongside Jodie Johnson and from that moment on we grew in strength. Molly converted a penalty she had won just before half time and the comeback started. Emily Hall was a master class in goal replicating her semi-final performance in the final – making numerous outstanding saves, and as we grew in confidence they became frustrated. Molly scoring again just before full time. Making it 2-2. Extra time, loomed.

We knew we had the best goal keeper, so we were un-phased by penalties, so we knew we didn’t need to push it. As a coach I witnessed in extra time the best team performance with so much grit, determination, perseverance, and sheer will power from a group of 11 girls, with so much will to win, I was humbled. Molly Sumner with 3 minutes left in extra time, completed her hat trick. The girls then got into formation in front of Emily and wouldn’t let them through.

What a great performance not only of football but of amazing character. Well done girls. County Champions and into the National Cup next year.

Mrs Humphreys


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