The Purbeck School Sixth Form has been ranked in the top 25% for performance in the country

A-Level Performance System (ALPS) is a nationally recognised system for measuring a student’s A’ level progress from their GCSE performance.

A representative from ALPS said “We have completed our analysis of A Level performance for 2,996 schools and colleges across the UK in 2019.  It is with great pleasure that I provide a certificate in recognition of your performance. Your 3-year T score indicates that your results are within the ‘Top 25%’ of our national benchmark.  This is a fantastic effort and is well worth celebrating, keep up the good work!”

Debs Rayner, Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Headteacher, would like to congratulate students over the past 3 years on this tremendous result and to thank the teachers for all their continuing hard work with students.

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