The Purbeck School joins the Wessex Multi Academy Trust

Dear Parent/Carer

It seems like a long time ago that we made the decision, and announced that we would moving into the Wessex Multi Academy Trust.

We had originally hoped to join at Christmas, however, the process of moving into a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) is a complicated one, and the land/legal contract transfers have taken longer to reconcile than we had originally thought. However, I am delighted to announce that as of 1st May 2022 the school will be leaving the Local Authority and joining the Wessex MAT.

This is a new chapter for the school as we continue to strive to provide the very best education that we can for our community. We are joining a small (but growing) MAT whose values and ethos align with our own and we are determined to work together as a group of schools to continue to raise educational standards.

As was discussed during the consultation period there will be no obvious changes. We keep our autonomy as a community based school, there is no change of name, uniform, and we remain accountable to our Local Governing Body. However, there will now be much more scope to work collegiately with other schools on the challenges that we face as a modern educational establishment. We firmly believe that this will allow the school to continue to go from strength to strength.

If you would like to find out more about the Wessex MAT then here is a link to their website

Take care,

Adam Darley

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