The GCSE Countdown

3 school weeks to go

Dear parent/carer

The countdown continues – 13 school days to the first exam!

This week has seen more examinations taking place with the Spanish speaking exams. The Easter holidays are now upon us and in-between the eating of chocolate and the warmer weather it is another important time to ensure that the required hours of revision are being put in.

We have been stressing with the pupils the importance of making revision count – which includes ensuring that revision is done without distractions – which includes the dreaded mobile phone! and that revision is structured around a timetable so that all subject areas are covered – not just the ones that they are already comfortable with. With the two bank holidays in place next term we only have 13 school days left before the examinations start in earnest.

I have attached a link to a revision video that discusses the most effective revision techniques

The most effective part of the video is part 2 where is discusses techniques that are effective to use (this is about 6.10 mins into the video).

Thank you for all your support this term.

Have a great week and Happy Easter – I will write again after the holidays.

Adam Darley

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