The GCSE Countdown – 9 school weeks to go

Dear parent/carer

The countdown continues – 45 school days to the first exam!

Year 11 students are now busy finishing off coursework or coming to the end of their GCSE courses Revision will start in some lessons as we come back after half term and there are now revision sessions running across the school. When we are back after half term the Food Technologists have their Food practical exam (Tues 26th-28th Feb) and of course we have parents’ evening on the Thursday 28th Feb. Please try and sign up to see members of staff – particularly in any of the subjects where your son/daughter may be having any difficulties.

  • Exam tip of the week – make sure that you have all of the revision guides that you need to revise from thoroughly – if you have not got revision guides for a subject then either buy one at a book store or online (make sure it is linked to the right syllabus) or ask a teacher in school and they will have the guide that you need – probably for a cheaper price!
  • Revision strategy of the week – If you go to the website below it has six excellent revision strategies that you could suggest for your son or daughter

Remember that Year 11’s should now be revising every evening for their exams – we would recommend at least 1 hour an evening.

Have a fantastic half term week and I will write again once we are back from half term.

Adam Darley

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