The GCSE Countdown – 6 school weeks to go

Dear parent/carer

The countdown continues – 30 school days to the first exam!

With just 6 school weeks until the examinations are due to start it is probably a good chance to sit down with your son/daughter and take stock as to where they are with each of their subject areas. Which areas of study are they finding tricky; which are they secure on; what do they need to focus on; and what are the next steps. This is especially true with any coursework deadlines that might be looming.

The English oral exams have now finished and we have been delighted in the way that the students have approached these – with the standard being very high and have provided students with an excellent chance to supplement their revision for the English Literature exam. There is one exam this week – the Music performance exam on Friday – and we of course wish the students the very best of luck for this.

  • Exam tip of the week – I have put a link at the end of this sentence to The Purbeck School website; all the exam information is here including the dates for the final exams which you may want to print out and have a copy of – or save somewhere for reference.

  • Revision strategy of the week – I have put a link this week to a 3.30 minute video on You Tube which advises you on 9 exam techniques to use – which I watched and thought might be useful!

Remember that Year 11’s should now be revising every evening for their exams – we would recommend at least 1 hour an evening.

Have a great week and I will write again next week,

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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