The GCSE Countdown – 2 school weeks to go!

School Week  (28/04 – 03/05)

Dear parent/carer

The countdown continues – 10 school days to go until the first formal exam!

Once again it has been a busy week for Year 11, however, there is a little light relief at the end of the week with the Prom to look forward, and then their Smart Day the following Friday. These two occasions are times to reflect on the friendships that have made and to look back at their time at The Purbeck School – they have been a year group that have seen many changes, and of course it is also a time for Year 11’s to be excited for the future.

Art and Photography exams are running all this week, and there are French oral exams on Wednesday and Thursday. I ran an assembly for Year 11 students today with a focus on examination expectations, and some exam revision techniques. Those slides are attached, again with some links to videos that discuss revision techniques.

Thank you again for your support at this crucial time of year.

I will write again next week.

Adam Darley


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