The GCSE Countdown

Dear parent/carer

Welcome back after the Easter break. As I write this we now seemed to have entered another period of extreme weather – this time with a mini heat wave – it seems as though summer has arrived!

The countdown continues with exams in every week from now on. This Monday (23rd) sees the start of the Spanish exams with their speaking exam, and then we move into the week after where Art and Design exams begin.

However, although it is particularly important over the next 3 weeks that Year 11 students stay focussed, there will also be some time to relax with the Year 11 Prom – a highlight of the school calendar – being on April 27th.

Here are some tips for all students – but perhaps particularly those who may have their languages exams over the next week or so.

Ways to revise – the power of speech – if you can explain then you understand:

Ask your child to speak to you about a topic. Ask them to present you a prepared paragraph so you can prompt them and help them practise. Ask some questions about the chosen theme that they have and try answer.

Practise key phrases/ words/ passages of text with them. They should be the teacher you should be the student.

Give them an opinion on something from a themes that they may have to learn about – they should be able to argue a different point of view.

Encourage your child to speak to you about some of the key subject areas and topics that they have to revise for.

Thank you and I will write again next week.

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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