The GCSE Countdown

Dear parent/carer,

It has been another very busy week at The Purbeck School. This week saw Ofsted come into school – they were impressed by the ethos and in particular commented on the excellent attitude shown by Year 11 students. They saw a number of Year 11 lessons and in each case students were focussed, purposeful and knowledgeable about their learning. We also invited some parents in to discuss the progress of their son/daughter and I hope if you came along you found it of use.

Last week saw a continuation of the examinations, with the English speaking exams and the Food Technology exams – some of the food being produced by the Year 11 students was exceptional (having watched Masterchef this week I am now an expert!) and they should be very proud of what they produced.

We also continue the countdown to the start of the full examination programme and the main article for revision tips this week comes from the BBC. In this article there are a summary of top tips from the high impact to the low impact – it is worth a read.

Here is the link:

As we know perhaps the key is to keep using and trying past papers and preparing thoroughly for the types of questions that you might get in the examination.

Have a fantastic week and will write again next week.

Kind regards

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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