The GCSE Countdown

Dear parent/carer

As you will be well aware exam season is now well under way. Most of the summer exams will formally start from the 14th May (only 45 school days away) and we have already begun some of the practical examinations. This week was the first Food Technology practical exams (there is another one this week) and we have also had the English speaking exams being taken throughout this week and part of next. So for year 11 it is now very real.

I wanted to start writing to you weekly to keep you informed of the upcoming examinations and also to give you some of the hints and tips that we have been giving year 11’s to help them with their revision – hopefully they may be if some use to you.

The first place I would recommend to start would be a free resource available on the internet – ‘The Learning Scientist’ website has lots of hints and tips to support revision and nearly all of them have a proven track record of success.

The link below is for the ‘six strategies of effective learning’ which is a set of cards that take you through revision strategies – they are all very useful and I would recommend that they are looked at and used.

The link to the page is here

We have more top tips on revision available on our own website as well under the parents tab. Remember that the key for student revision is having a quiet work space and crucially the phone should be kept out of sight!

I will write again next week,

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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