Take Your Child to Work Day – Friday 26th November

Dear Parent/Carer,

Friday 26 November 2021 – Inset Day/Take Your Child to Work Day

Due to the previous success of “Take your Child to Work Day” we are planning on utilising the inset day on Friday 26th November as an ideal opportunity to participate in this again, for all students in Years 7-13.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we appreciate that this may not be possible, due to parents working from home, or employers unable to accommodate students for various reasons.  We do not wish to put students or other employees at any unnecessary risk. The day is completely at you and your employers discretion and is not obligatory, however, we hope that where possible students will be able to accompany and work shadow a parent/carer/sponsor throughout a normal working day. We believe it is beneficial for students to experience the world of work in as many different environments as possible, as the more opportunities they have to sample the workplace the greater their understanding of the knowledge and skills required.

If your child is able to take part by going to work with yourself or a friend of the family, please make the necessary arrangements directly with the employer. Attached is a letter to give to your employer should they require further information.

Students who participate in “Take Your Child to Work Day” will be issued with a certificate that will indicate they have taken part in the day.

If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully
Maria Beale
Work Experience and Careers Coordinator

Why is Take Your Child to Work Day beneficial?

Students benefit because it’s an opportunity for them to explore career options through:

  • Understanding the importance of school by learning first-hand what skills are required in today’s workplace
  • Exploring career options in a practical way and gain a better understanding of just how many career choices are open to them
  • By spending a day in the life of a working adult, they develop an appreciation of their parents’ work and motivations

Parents benefit because – it helps them prepare their children for the future by:

  • Discussing work experiences with their child
  • Beginning a career discussion based on actual experiences
  • Enriching their child’s experience with discussions before, during and after the workplace visit. Evidence shows young people that have memorable contact with employers 4 times or more are more confident about reaching their ultimate career goals and more likely to be employed, earning 16% more.

Helpful Hints and Tips

Who can my child work with:

  • Parents
  • Friends or family/relatives (sponsor)


  • Use own judgement
  • Think about hazards or sensitive information

Plan the day:

  • Think about what you want them to see but ask them what they want to learn and what they are looking forward to.
  • When planning out the day, be sure to include costs for breakfast and/or lunch as well as a snack. When you take a break to eat, talk them about what they liked about the day so far and what else they’d like to do

Keep them busy:

  • Make sure to involve and engage them in your daily routine, so they can see how you tackle problems and execute solutions.


We would recommend that you check the following:-

  • How the student will travel to and from the day at work
  • That the company has the appropriate Employer/Public Liability Insurance and the student will be covered by the ‘Health & Safety’ practises of the organisation
  • All necessary COVID-19 and safeguarding procedures are in place
  • Parent/Carer informs the Employer of any medical conditions the student may have


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