Super 7s – Well Done!

Picture of Super-7 Badge

As part of our behaviour policy, every lesson each student is given a score.  Students receiving a 7 have exceeded expectations for the lesson. The following week the names of the students will be compiled and they will each receive 7 house points. Shortly after this, they will be presented with their Super 7 wristband which provides them with:

  1. Queue jump for themselves and one friend for all break times and lunch times throughout the week.
  2. An invite for a Friday hot chocolate with the Headteacher and House Leaders.

Super 7s for Monday 16th – Friday 20th January 2023 are:

Emmie Burnie, 7yBKN Outstanding patience in helping another student during History.
Matilda Colvile, 7xESN Brilliant ideas and writing using persuasive speech techniques during English. Well done!
Gethin Morris, 7xyNHL Gethin wrote a brilliant persuasive speech on why,”Young people are the future.” for English.
George Ralls, 7xSTR Excellent work on your Geography assessment, clear trend, exception, figure responses!
Gracie Towers, 7ySBY For being such a lovely and helpful student during Science.
Olivia Fry, 8xJLY Brilliant resilience in PE.
Lily Kimberley, 8xCAN Consistently excellent effort in class and lovely poster produced for French.
Bella McAllister, 8xBMD
Adrien Sherlock, 8xyAGT Adrien had two super 7s last week. This is to carry one of the super 7s on to the next week. (Carried forward from last term) representing the school and reading in the carol service.
Frankie Glazebrook, 9xMBZ Excellent work during English.
Rosie Lake, 9xMCY Always contributes in Personal Development lessons, great attitude and positivity towards learning recently.
Jack Wilkens, 9xMBZ Excellent work during English.
Reece Hopton, 10xLCS Using his innovative to understand and explore a new topic over what he was asked to do for Business.
George Royan, 10xMGE Using his innovative to understand and explore a new topic over what he was asked to do
Owen Sullivan, 10xMGE Excellent work during Maths.
Ernest Trent, 10yCEN Always helpful in Biology and tries to answer questions.
Freddie Sills, 11xVSC Very helpful in lesson with the supply teacher during English, produced some excellent work.
Joseph Slowther, 11xJPL Consistently positive attitude towards his Spanish lessons. Excellent contributions to class discussion, and supporting his classmates.

Fantastic Work, well done!

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