Super 7s – Well Done!

As part of our behaviour policy, every lesson each student is given a score.  Students receiving a 7 have exceeded expectations for the lesson. The following week the names of the students will be compiled and they will each receive a postcard home. Shortly after this, they will be presented with their Super 7 wristband which provides them with:

  1. Queue jump for themselves and one friend for all break times and lunch times throughout the week
  2. Use of the ‘Super 7 Lounge’.  This is available Thursday and Friday lunchtimes with biscuits, squash and DVDs.  They will be able to take along a friend each day.

Super 7 students for the week ending 18th May are:

Alicia Abbott, 10xRSS – Excellent exam answer on martin Luther King, for home learning.

Sadie Ashton, 10xRSS – Excellent participation in Media Studies lesson, and excellent representation of the School during a talk by a guest speaker. Well done.

Kiera Beeks, 7xRLS – Fantastic recall of Periodic Table to Krypton.

Rebekah Bell, 9yKYD – Work on ‘Stand by me’ bassline

Rhiannon Betts, 7ySWE – For excellent work in Geography.

Will Brown, 9xADY – For teaching the class about the cycle of prosperity!

Milly Bugler, 7yJMN – Fantastic effort and contribution consistently over the last few Geography lessons!

Aimee Butchard, 7xyESN – Outstanding bravery in swimming.

Nicholas Byles, 10yCEN – Superbly argued persuasive letter.

Euan Cameron-Haigh, 9xJLY – For teaching the class about the cycle of prosperity!

Jack Chapman, 7xRLS – Performed in front of the class on the piano, excellent effort!

Dexter Davids, 7ySWE – For excellent work in Spanish.

Dexter Davids, 7ySWE – Excellent progress, work ethic and attitude in French, as well as being very helpful.

Stuart Grenville-Cleave, 10xELN – Excellent contribution and demonstration in ICT!

Preetika Gurung, 9xDSY – Consistently good effort, and excellent life after death conversation in PRE.

Keeley Harvey, 7xAHS – Outstanding bravery in swmming.

William Hilton-Kent, 7xRLS – Excellent piece of work bringing together all chemical concepts learnt to date.

Jack Hughes, 9xADV – Still not sure how Jack did so much so quickly – supernatural Python skills.

Patricia Kharel, 7xyESN – Outstanding bravery in swimming.

Holly Miller, 9xADY – Consistently good work, good life after death conversation in PRE.

Megan Narraway, 7xTDS – Excellent performance to the class of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” on the piano. Well done Megan!

Lucy Roberts, 10xSSD – Awesome stickman animation in ICT.

Mia Thomas, 7xTDS – Effortlessly predicted everything that we covered in the lesson.

Willem Veltman, 7xRSY – Consistent effort in French lessons and always willing to participate and question grammatical points.

Mabel Whiting, 7xRSY – Supernatural ability to put together knowledge on chemical reactions.

Destiny Wilcox, 8xJKT – Most amazingly comprehensive (and neat) set of Science classbook notes.

Emily Woods, 7yRRN – Amazing recall of Periodic Table, in song form.

Benjamin Yarrow, 9xDSY – For excellent work in Design.

Fantastic work, well done!

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