Super 7s – Well Done!

Picture of Super-7 Badge

As part of our behaviour policy, every lesson each student is given a score.  Students receiving a 7 have exceeded expectations for the lesson. The following week the names of the students will be compiled and they will each receive 7 house points. Shortly after this, they will be presented with their Super 7 wristband which provides them with:

  1. Queue jump for themselves and one friend for all break times and lunch times throughout the week.
  2. An invite for a Friday hot chocolate with the Headteacher and House Leaders.

Super 7 students for the Friday 25th – Thursday 31st March 2022 are:

Bella McAllister, 7xJBD – Outstanding work in Geography and brilliant 100 word challenge. Well done this term, keep up the good work!

Timothy Northover, 7yAKT – Mature choices in cover class during History, well done Tim!

Chloe Sanderson, 7xyNHL – Amazing Food Tech practical and helped others as well. Great Work!

Olive Castillo Macpherson, 8yMRD – Excellent work ethic and progress over the last two French lessons.

Millie Lawrence, 8yLWT – An incredible week of work. Millie has engaged from the beginning and has put 100% effort in to all her Maths work.

Zak Baker, 9yMCU – Using his own sound equipment to create an exciting sound recording for the tutor group challenge. Really impressive! Thank you Zac, and well done!

Willow Sneddon, 9yCEN – Given for outstanding work during History.

Efe Ashak, 10yISL – Full marks on post assessment in Maths. Well done!

Erin Oakley, 10xATT – Amazing independence in practical Product Design work. Really exciting child’s toy.

Tia Shannon, 10yISL – For super efforts all round, showing drive, determination and dedication to classwork in English.

Harry Wasey, 10yISL – Making so much progress in Photography!

Theo Northover, 11yWTD – Excellent work in English at the moment.

Fantastic Work, well done! 

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