Super 7s – Well Done!

Picture of Super-7 Badge

As part of our behaviour policy, every lesson each student is given a score.  Students receiving a 7 have exceeded expectations for the lesson. The following week the names of the students will be compiled and they will each receive 7 house points. Shortly after this, they will be presented with their Super 7 wristband which provides them with:

  1. Queue jump for themselves and one friend for all break times and lunch times throughout the week.
  2. An invite for a Friday hot chocolate with the Headteacher and House Leaders.

Super 7 students for the Friday 21st – Thursday 27th January are:

Alfie Barley, 7xJBD – Really good effort during History and really positive behaviour, helping to support others in their learning and encouraging them to do the right thing.

Jessica Dale, 7ySBY – Fantastic effort on cross country- super impressive!

Morgan Cave, 8yEKY – Excellent work during Maths.

Nathan Curtis, 8yLWT – Outstanding effort and determination during fitness block of work.

Scarlett Hodgson, 8xDSY – Winning the plank challenge in PE.

Brooklyn James, 8yEKY – Brilliant peer work in English, and consistent determination. Well done!

Kaylee Macphail, 8yMRD – Superb effort & participation during French.

Javan Surrey, 8xDSY – Winning the plank challenge in PE.

Evie Miles, 9yMCU – Amazing practical work, organisation and helping others during Food Tech.

Ellie Andrews, 10yCSY – Excellent response to costume design exam question for Drama – well done.

Darcy Holbrook, 10yMBZ – Excellent work during Science.

George Kirk, 10xATT – Achieved a fantastic score in his Biology test!

Martin Luckman, 10xNDS – Completed work to high expectations throughout the entire COPE lesson.

Tonia Lamenyuy, 10xATT – Excellent writing assessment (100%) in French. Well done!

Adelaide Miller, 10yMBZ – Superb understanding and application of writing ionic equations for Science.

Beth Rod, 10yISL – Outstanding improvement in History since last assessment!

William Summers, 10xAVR – Excellent work during English.

Daniel White, 10xVSC – Outstanding improvement in History since last assessment!

Jamie Bland, 11xCAN – Fantastic contribution to the learning environment during Business Studies.

Keenan House, 11yWTD – Worked exceptionally hard to complete his NEA in Business Studies, with in the deadline set and to a good standard.

Thomas Wells, 11yACO – Unbelievably good work ethic during Business Studies.

Trinseca White, 11yWTD – Going above and beyond with the human rights, by independently researching and creating a letter to promote human rights, producing a very reflective letter for PRE.

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