Super 7s – Well Done!

As part of our behaviour policy, every lesson each student is given a score.  Students receiving a 7 have exceeded expectations for the lesson and at the beginning of the following week are rewarded.  They will each receive a postcard home and a ‘Super 7’ wristband which provides them with:

  1. Queue jump for themselves and one friend for all breaktimes and lunchtimes throughout the week
  2. Use of the ‘Super 7 Lounge’.  This is a classroom available at lunchtimes with biscuits, squash and DVDs.  They will be able to take along a friend each day.

Super 7 students for the week ending 3rd November are:

Phoebe Allen, 7yJMN – For hard work throughout the whole of the 1st rotation in DT. Phoebe has made some excellent dishes and is always positive and hard working.

Leo Barnes, 7yRRN – Did an amazing job in his Geography assessment and classwork before half term.

Chloe Betts, 9yMCU – Showing excellence throughout fractions topic.

Joseph Bolar, 7yJMN – For excellent design and making of his kite in Textiles.

Kayden Bristow, 8xLRS – Fantastic knowledge of ‘Animal Farm’, high levels of focus throughout lessons. Kayden also shared some farming knowledge to help us all understand what each of the animals in ‘AF’ might symbolise.

Jade Bundey, 9xDSY – Tutor challenge winner.

Sophie Campbell, 10xRSS – Excellent performance in Structure and Bonding test for Chemistry.

Lewis Chalkley, 7xyESN – Incredible independent map work in Geography. Well done!

Georgia Chambers-Bellis, 7yJMN – Excellent extra work completed at home.

Troy Chant, 10yBMN – For excellent work in Science.

Joseph Daly, 9xADY – 100% in Physics test – superstar!

Georgia Davis, 8yGPE – Going above and beyond and working in her own time to improve her work; fantastic attitude.

Chloe Elias, 8xKMN – Excellent test score in Science.

Harry Farmiloe, 7xyESN – Harry has worked hard in his practical and written assessments in DT and has made outstanding progress in Food.

Jamie Foskett, 9xDSY – Fantastic participation and performance in SPLAT game.

Juliette Gates, 9yDHS – For a stunning Philosophy title page. You created a beautiful piece of work, well done!

Emily Hall, 9yMCU – For producing an outstanding piece of homework in History!

Katie Hodd, 10xRSS – Excellent performance in Structure and Bonding test for Chemistry.

Jodie Johnson, 9yKSN – For an outstanding superhero design!

Sophie Keeshan, 9yKYD – Perfect scores on all Knowledge Organiser tests.

Jodie Kirkham, 9xJLY – For excellent work in Textiles, a high level of quality acheived in making her cushion – well done Jodie.

Ruby Leaton, 7xAHS – Amazing map work in Geography, high standard of work and confidence before half term. Well done!

Lucy Mason, 9xDSY – Tutor challenge winner.

Emily McDonald, 7yRRN – 100% on all Knowledge Organiser tests.

Megan O’Connell, 8yAKT – For excellent work in Textiles, working independently and finishing her product to a high standard.

Maja Pacyna, 9yMCU – For excellent design and make of her cushion in Textiles – well done!

Kaitlyn Phillips, 11xVSC – Super effort and focus. Impressed by Kaitlyn’s detailed and precise explanation as to the marking of an example.

Lucy Plant, 8xSSE – For excellent work in Textiles.  For completing her juggling balls and bag to a high standard.  Very well done Lucy.

Jasmin Reddyhoff, 9xDSY – Tutor challenge winner.

Lucy Roberts, 10xSSD – Excellent performance in Structure and Bonding test for Chemistry.

Madison Suttle, 8yAKT – Going above and beyond and working in her own time to improve her work; fantastic attitude.

Megan Taylor, 9yDHS – Showing excellence throughout fractions.

Elizabeth Turner, 8yMBZ – Creating a great and detailed poster on coral reefs during half term! Brilliant work!

Laila Warrington, 7xTDS – For producing exceptional work in History and going above and beyond to complete all tasks.

Tori White, 9xDSY – 100% in her Physics test – what a legend!

Abby Williams, 11yCSY – Absolutely fantastic work ethic with regards to coursework preparation.

Fantastic work, well done!

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